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About Us

We have been a leader in the industry for over 10 years, we strive to make your home a beautiful place to live.

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    Lawn Maintenance

    Weekly service of mowing, string trimming and edging of your property to maintain a full and healthy lawn.


    All lawns need nutrients to survive, we can design several different programs to help your lawn grow to its full potential.

    Tree/Shrub Care

    We provide a pruning of shrubs multiple times a year and pruning of trees up to 12 feet.

    Weed Control

    An Aerated lawn will help control thatch, improve soil, root growth, and open airways for water and fertilizer to reach the lawns root system.

    Planting & Removal

    Tree trimming up to 12ft or as needed, complete tree removal. Spring and fall Shrub pruning, shrub installation and removal.

    Snow & Ice Removal

    Shoveling of sidewalks, plowing of driveways etc, ice melt and salt application.


    Why Choose Us

    We strive to give you the best quality and service we can provide, and create a beautiful landscape you enjoy living in.

    We bring the best Quality and care to every task that is asked of us.


    Precision is why I chose this name for my company, because of its strong meaning, that is how we run this company and our employees, demanding Precision work in every task that we perform.


    Having the greatest team to work with, starts with the Culture that we set in the work environment. The culture of hard work, and doing the best job every time.


    Reliability i think is the most important thing that we can provide to our customer, to keep a long and lasting relationship with our clients.

    We are your one stop shop for all your lawn and landscape needs.